Checking Montblanc Serial Number?

We Reviewed A Lot Of Websites Selling Montblanc Pens, Looked Up Serial Numbers And Were Shocked That Most Of Them Were Selling Fakes. We Found The Best Way To Get A Real Pen Was On Amazon. We Hand Picked The Best

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About me

Hi, I’m David, the man who setup and maintains – a bit of a mouthfull I know, but it does explain what we are trying to achieve for you the customer!

This website has been set up predominantly for you to make an informed choice when buying your next cheap Montblanc pen.

I am a pen enthusiast and owner of many pens myself. I setup this site after I fell foul of a site selling fake Montblanc pens. Unfortunately I never got my money back but I was determined that nobody would suffer the same fate. This site fulfills both of those criteria. I get to write about something I love but I also include details on how to spot fakes and what to look out for when buying online.

I understand that buying a high end pen such as a Montblanc is a significant investment for some people. Shopping around and getting the right style is really important. Our team are here to make sure you get the right pen for the right price.

Please feel free to get in contact via email if you have any suggestions for content or anything else for that matter! Im only human and occasionally make spelling mistakes so i would welcome an email if you ever spot anything.