History of the Montblanc pen

montblanc meisterstuckClassy and branded writing instruments are the ultimate fashion accessories for men who prefer daily luxuries. Amongst the leading brands manufacturing and designing high-quality pens, Montblanc is one of the most famous designers of quality pens and watches. Montblanc is famous for producing luxury timepieces and magnificent writing instruments. Montblanc Pens are not just mere writing instruments; they symbolize class and repute.

These pens are not only comfortable to write but also easy to work with. These pens have a ubiquitous reputation and are best suited for hard-working fathers, reputed and praised doctors and inspiring scholars. These pens go well with people who deserve respect and attention.

The Writers Edition

Montblanc pens are inspired by their works and life, and thus, each pen from the Writers Edition has a unique story to tell. To add more to these pens, they are also engraved with the personal signature of the authors on the sides of the caps. The autographs of these pens make them even valuable for the pen collectors

Pen Materials

Mont Blanc Pens are available in various different designs and patterns. All the writing instruments are made with high-quality materials such as 18k gold, silver, platinum and precious jewels. The outcome of the finest materials used is definitely striking.

Another great feature that makes these pens attractive is the snow-capped star-shaped logo of Montblanc. The logo is actually a floating star-shaped diamond embedded in the cap of the pen. This is a real mesmerizing feature that grabs the attention of all. All the pens from Montblanc fit into your grip properly and the smooth nib glides over the paper which makes writing bliss for you.

Designs and models

Every Montblanc pen is a unique combination of function, craftsmanship, and pleasure. These pens are available in an enormous number of designs such as fountain pens, roller pens, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils. The Montblanc fountain pen range is available in some collections. The Mozart Black Fountain pen is made of 14k gold and is designed as a smaller enclosure to fit perfectly into a lady’s purse or an organizer.

The Etoile is one of the most luxury models among the pens and is made of 18k rhodium plated gold nib and the cap, and the barrel is made of solid resin and the clip and the trim are made of high-quality platinum. All the pens come with the stylish six-pointed star which is a trademark of all pens from Montblanc.

The Mahatma Gandhi limited edition

montblanc ghandiIf you are not searching for a fountain pen, you can go for roller or ballpoint Montblanc pen. The Mahatma Gandhi limited edition is a famous collection of roller pens. It functions similarly as ballpoint pens but works well on lighter touch, and the best part is these pens create scripts like fountain pens.

The Montblanc writers series was introduced in the year 1992 and consist of ballpoint pens, fountain pens and as three-piece sets as well. Each of these pens is engraved with the signature of the famous writers. The Patron of Arts series consists of pens that are specially made for serious writers.

Ultimate gift

The next time you are confused about what to gift your loved ones opts for Mont Blanc pens. They are simply going to love it and cherish it for the rest of their life.

They are the only writing instruments in the world that come with a lifetime warranty. No other product in the world enjoys this unique feature. These pens are quality crafted items that will easily last a lifetime and can be used extensively.

Owning Mont Blanc pens will make you realize that writing is a pleasurable experience. Unlike the regular ink pens available in the market that drags on the paper, pens by Montblanc glides smoothly across the journal. They can bring an enormous amount of change in your writing style.

Unlike the regular ink pens neither do they blotch the paper on which you are writing nor do they leave ink stains on one’s fingers. The gold plated nibs are stain proof hence you will never experience these un-pleasurable scenarios.

Normal ballpoint Vs Montblanc

montblanc muses penThe average ballpoint pen is used for several times before we throw them away. But the situation is entirely different in the case of Mont Blanc pens. They belong to the different league of their own. These pens have beautiful casing and are the perfect embellishment for your desk, briefcase or purse.

These pens are available in etched filigree style or shiny black appearance, which is further adorned with platinum or gold plated nibs. Some of these pens also feature a diamond in the cap.

One will find some different styles of Mont Blanc pens to meet your preference, taste, and demands. Some of their sought-after collections include:

Marlene Dietrich,
Montblanc Meisterstück Classique,
Writer’s Edition,

Each Mont Blanc pens are created from natural resin that is further adorned with various metal accents and is designed for the perfect measurement so that the balance is just right to make the writing experience a memorable one.

So whatever is the occasion, say you son just completed his graduation, your daughter is getting married, or you intend to gift it to your father to express how much you love him and that he means the world to you, Mont Blanc pens are the perfect gift items. Unlike to another regular run of the mill writing instruments, these pens are not manufactured in huge number.

To retain their exclusivity and rareness, these writing instruments are produced in a few numbers which are then distributed across the globe in their different authorized stores so that watch lovers around the world can access them.

These Montblanc pens also help the cause of uneducated youth by contributing 10% of their retail sales to this program. The sales that are generated by the sale of these writing instruments will be used for the educational purpose of the youth on a global network so that the less privileged will not miss out on the benefits of education.

They are fighting illiteracy on a world scale. Nearly 13% of individuals within the age of 15-24 are illiterate whereas approximately 19% are illiterate above the age of 24 years and so on. If statistics are to be believed then one out of every five individuals are not educated at all.