Montblanc Serial Number – Lookup & Check:

Are you looking up serial numbers for a cheap MONTBLANC product you are thinking of buying? Our advice is to be extremely careful! Our team looked at 100’s of online shops that claimed to be selling cheap original products which were in fact fake.

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Anyone who loves quality in a pen can tell you that they either have the cheapest Montblanc pen, or want one of the more expensive models but cannot afford one at this time.

The name stands for quality and that comes with a price tag! Everyone knows that a these pens are the most expensive and can be easily a grand or more. That is why people who love the quality of them are often looking for deals.

The problem is, if you are lucky enough to find a good deal, you have to make sure it is not a deal that is too good to be true. Otherwise, you may find yourself a victim of the Montblanc pens scam. To help you, there are a few things you can look for to ensure that you don’t let a fake pen fool you.

Check The Size

One of the first things many lovers  of this product will notice when they purchase a replica is the size of it, especially if they have had previous pens to go on.

Just because you purchase a cheaper 585 or the 149, it does not mean that you will get the size or weight of the pen that you were hoping for. This is what too many people are discovering when they purchase Montblanc pens for sale on eBay and end up with a phony.

Also many bogus websites offering really cheap pens but they are in fact counterfeit.

Cheap Pen: How To Tell If Its Real

Think about the facts. If you were able to become dealer, would you truly sell an authentic pen that was worth nearly a grand for closer to $100? Most likely, “No.” You would want to sell it for as much as you possibly could, even if you were hoping to increase sales by becoming a pens discount dealer.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that anytime you find one under $100, you are not going to get the quality pen you are expecting. Just like this girl found out when her suitor bought her a pen as a gift:

All pens under 100 and most Montblanc pens under $200 are not going to be legitimate pens from. If you do see one, even one that says it is in perfect working order, you may want to send the seller a message and ask, “why so cheap?”

You may then also want to inquire as to whether they are truly one of the few authorized dealers. Even if the dealer purchases a lot of pens wholesale, it will still cost them more than they could make from selling these the pens cheap.

Quantity Vs Quality

There are a lot of people who claim to be a discount pen dealer. You can find them on most auction sites. Even some on Amazon are not always real, though if you look at the price range of them, it is more likely you will avoid purchasing a replica.

One easy thing you can look for beyond the price is how many the Montblanc fountain pens discount dealer claims to have available. Even if they are selling them for a good bit more than other sellers and claim to be simply selling discounted items, if they have a huge inventory of them, chances are, it will not meet the quality standards you have come to expect.

If the quantity is not listed where you can see it easily, you can send him a message saying that you want to purchase a few for friends or family since they are offering such a great value on them and you were wondering how many they have available.

If they have more than a few, walk away because chances are good, they are selling a true pen replica.

Serial Number: How To Check

All true genuine Montblanc pens have a serial number on them. You simply have to know where the pen serial number location is on your specific pen. There are some fake pens that have a number on them, but not all.

If you are curious as to how to find the number, you may have to do a little number research, but in general, it is easy to find. Your best bet though is to just buy from a reputable dealer. This way you know you are getting the real deal. Click on the following link to see our top picks:

Lookup On The Database

Even the font may be similar as well as the location. However, automatically, if you cannot find the number on any database, you know it is a forgery. You can also tell by the fact that Montblanc pens have two letters and then a lot of numbers in the code. Any variation in that, could mean it wasn’t a real pen.

Design Details Of The Genuine Article

When you purchase a pen set, there are certain features that make you consider it. For many people, this includes the way it is refilled or the cartridges that are used in it. With each pen set, you have a certain type of cartridge that works in it.

If there is any variation between what you are considering and what is available on a true official site, you should reconsider whether it is truly a valued or not.

There are some exceptions to this rule, but it is a great way to check up on the stores that you find on the internet. However, when considering the cartridges and such, a piston filler is not easy to duplicate.

Therefore, if you happen to find pens that have a piston filler, you may have found a great deal and legitimately found on sale. The thing is, if it has a converter in it, you are still not holding a legit product for less.

Also, as a side note, if you find a 49 that says it has a converter in it, you can also know for a fact that it is not a real discount price either, because they never came with a converter.

Other Clues

Other possible clues are the nib size and how the pen closes up. The nib size is clearly indicated on the model number of all models. For instance, a 49 has a nub that is size 9 and a 46 has a nub that is a size 6.

As to the cap, you should always remember that basically all have caps screw on, as do the popular Meisterstuck pens. A lot of fakes may try to fool you, but many of them have a slip off pen cap.

PIX Engraved: Identifies Original

If you have a newer pen it is easy to tell because after the 90s, Montblanc added the word PIX to the underneath side of their pen clips. This may not be easy to see when you are on a webpage looking at it, but before you brag about finding it to all your buddies after it arrives, you should make sure it is there.

It should be engraved into the pen so that you cannot scratch it off. The details of the letters should be deeply engraved so that they stand out very well. Anything less could mean that the it is forged.

On the center band of the pen, you should see the word Montblanc or Meisterstuck depending on the pen that you are looking at. This too should be deeply engraved and look very neatly done not like the replicas.

The Way It Feels in Your Hand

A true  will feel solid in your hand, but most imitation pens bought and sold on the internet do not feel as solid. They generally use a different type of material to create them and according to most who have been fooled by the idea of Montblanc pens for sale online, they feel like a cheaply made pen.

When in Doubt: Buy An Original Direct

If you are looking at genuine Montblanc pens for sale at cheap prices and you want to further investigate whether you are getting a good deal or not, you can always check the dedicated website and compare the pen you are considering to the pen kits that are available there.

This generation pens and all others have full details on the pen in question. If you compare the cheap one to the original, you should be able to determine fairly quick if you are looking at a real writing instrument or a forged pen.

Especially, if the seller that claims to have low price pen sets posts photos that are not from the Montblanc website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to fake montblanc pens.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Montblanc Pen Located?

To check authenticity of a MontBlanc Pen, look for the serial number.  Most counterfeit pens will have a seven-letter word beginning with ‘Germany’.

Authentic models manufactured after 1991 include two digits followed by letters on the ring attached to their clips. Make sure not only that there is an etching of “Germany” inscribed into its cap’s upper band but also that it matches whatever appears in your written documentation from purchasing or receiving this gift as well.

Do All Montblanc Pens Have A Serial Number?

Montblanc pens that were made after 1991 typically have a serial number, but there are still many older pen models whose production dates back to before this time. So if your Mont Blanc doesn’t have one of these numbers it may only mean you own an older model and not necessarily be counterfeit.

Are All Montblanc Pens On Amazon Real?

Montblanc does not authorize their certified sellers to sell at discount prices on Amazon. However, even though the pen is authentic, it does come with Montblanc’s warranty (that is why the certificate of warranty isn’t stamped). The Mont Blanc warranty booklet only comes as a proof of authenticity.

What Does The PX Symbol Mean On Mont Blanc Pens?

Montblanc PIX writing implements are inspired by the Bauhaus architecture movement and named after their historical trademark. They’re hand turned in Germany, with a highly polished resin body that illuminates an enchanting shimmery finish perfect for any occasion.

The platinum plated accents add just enough flair to make it stand out without seeming too flashy or gaudy.